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We work very closely with our maestros mezcaleros and our distributors, donating a percentage of our profits to endemic agave preservation programs, as well as contributing directly to their communities. If you’d like to know about our program and our affiliations in more detail -or would like to get involved in these activities-, please contact us directly. We’ll be glad to bring you on board!


100% Artisanal Mezcal

From the harvest, to the spirit's distillation, we maintain an entirely artisanal process of crafting mezcal.

Depending on the region, the cooking is performed in cone-shaped stone ovens, the cooked agave is triturated with stone mills or even by hand; fermentation takes place in wooden tubs or leather bags and distillation occurs in either copper stills or handmade clay pots.

The traditions that surround mezcal crafting are essential to the survival of this elixir and we are committed to preserve and share them with the rest of the world.


Support Of The Arts & Culture

Our project is heavily set on the cultural and artistic influences that envelop the culture of mezcal. We collaborate with an array of artists in order to share the spirit that spawns from their creations, through our products, with you and the rest of the world.

The works of art that are featured in each edition are available for purchase in different formats and the profits go directly to the artists and their communities, that continue to inspire them.


Preservation Of Endemic Species

The previous decade has had a disastrous impact on the endemic species of agave. Many of them have an incredibly slow growth & maturing process and their indiscriminate use by the industrial mezcal complex has put them at a tremendous risk.

We consider of the upmost importance the preservation and repopulation of these species and are constantly invested in developing effective methods to manage and reproduce these dwindling and endangered populations.